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Mental Illness is AS real AS you and me, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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  • Feeling depressed ?
  • Recently been diagnosed with a mental illness ?
  • Has your doctor suggested counselling or cognitive behavioral therapy?
  • Do you feel no one understands you?

Don’t worry! We are hear to listen, all day, every day. Call us now and say no to suffering in silence.

Umang is Pakistan’s very own 24/7 mental health helpline accessible totally FREE OF COST. We care about your wellbeing and want to improve the lives of those with mental illnesses. Our mission is to fight the taboo associated with mental health and raise awareness nationwide.

We formed on 15th of January 2019 and have a highly qualified and experienced team on board.All our counsellors are regulated and monitored by senior certified psychologists with over 20 years of experience amongst them.


24/7 helpline providing emergency counselling by clinical psychologists over the phone.

Counselling over texts.


We have experts on our pannel who can deal with depression , anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias , grief, ptsd and other psychological disorders


Dr.Navid Iqbal

Director and Co-founder

Mental health has always been close to my heart. As a physician I see people come in with all kinds of physical pain and most of it is easy to handle what is difficult for both the patient and us as healthcare workers is emotional and psychological trauma or pain. This may lingers for a lifetime and distrups the quality of life. There is hope though, admitting that you need someone to talk to is the first step and honestly is the biggest step, the journey after that is much easier. We at Umang welcome you to reach out to us. Be it depression, suicidality, stress, relationship issues, anything that is bothering you, we are here to listen and help you through it. You are not alone, so let's fight this together.

Dr.Sara Farrukh

Director and Co-founder

“Umang are a team of young ambitious individuals wanting to make a significant change in society. We want mental health to be discussed without any prejudice and discrimination. It is about time we address taboo subjects like depression and suicidal ideation. Counselling is still a fairly new concept in Pakistan due to lack of awareness. Our mission is to provide a free of cost service 24/7. Actions speak louder than words and through this medium people will come to realise how effective counselling therapy is.”

Dr.Hafsa Shah

Director and Co-founder

Mental health touches us all - perhaps in a bright smile. In a loud laugh. In the happiest of our moments. From the strongest to the weakest of all, mental illness happens. It is as real as a physical illness. Let us not ignore those who go through this on a daily basis in silence. The unseen and the unknown is as life threatening as the seen and the known. We have taken a step to end the suffering in silence of many.This platform is our initiative in battling the mental health stigma. What’s yours?

Meet the Team

Head of Counselling: Dr. Shyma Jundi , Ms. Hina Maqsood

Head of operations: Ms. Anam Riaz

Head of HR: Ms. Andleeb Fayyaz

Head of IT: Irfan Khan , Naveed Ali

Head of Media and marketing: Ms. Sarah Ahmed